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Originally Posted by IRRITECH View Post
Trying to help out a friend. After talking to the local pond store, i have been on a regimen of PH balancing by checking and adjusting the ph weekly. If I keep up with it I still have to put in PH Down weekly. I use Algae Fix weekly and monthly use water soluble bacteria packs. Cannot get the water to clear up. Any thoughts?? Top 2 ponds stay in the sun most of the day while the lower pond is in the shade by noon. Only filtration is a Savio skimmer in the bottom pond.
First item on your agenda should be to take all of the chemicals and deposit them into the nearest dumpster. The water quality is probably so messed up at this point it may take weeks to get it self-balancing.

If your the pH is between 6.5 - 8.5 leave it alone.

Apparently there are no fish in either pond (at least they are not evident in the photos), so no supplemental bio-conversion is required.

There is also no evidence of any aquatic plantings. This is why you have an algae problem. Plants are an absolute must in ecosystem ponds, for they utilize the nutrients in the water and starve any excessive algae growth. Let's be clear, some algae growth on the submerged surfaces is beneficial as it plays an important part in a healthy biofilm. Algaecides kill the algae, but it remains in the pond and decomposes into the very nutrients that initially caused it.

Adding more bacteria is a waste of time and money. Bacteria DO NOT eat algae and the desired population of nitrifying bacteria has probably long been established.

Bottom line...TOSS THE CHEMS...ADD AQUATIC PLANTS!!! Water will clear on its own given time.
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