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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
In many cases, it gets the person exactly what they deserve. Nothing offends me more than when I see the following when I get to a client's property and they are price shopping:expensive car, parking pass for the most expensive private golf course in the state, and the parking pass for a private school. In the mean time, they are acting like I am too expensive. Trying to chop a professional gets them Pablo or Ernesto.
I had 2 different people on the same street last year approach me because they wanted me to do work on their property. Both lived in 1M+ homes and acted like hotshots. I was too expensive though compared to the Latinos they went to pick up for the day and paid 8-10/hr. One of the people wanted me to work for 15/hr and the other person actually lied to me and said they used an lco when they actually picked up a guy from the labor pool and had him use their electric trimmers to trim a hedgerow of seagrape. Both of these people acted like big hotshots and they are probably in debt up to their eyes.
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