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Originally Posted by IRRITECH View Post
Okay, if I miss a week the PH goes through the roof (past 9). Homeowner doesn't want fish. As far as plants go, what would you recommend? These ponds are very small so what will help without taking over?
Are you using test strips or a chem test for checking pH? Test strips are notorious for having a short shelf life once opened, especially if subjected to humid situations. A chem test will give considerably more accurate results. I would also check the Alkalinity level to determine the buffering ability of the water. Any reading higher than 20ppm(mg/L) should stabilize the pH.
Any aquatic plantings will help. Keep the plants ultimate size in scale with the size of the pond for aesthetic reasons and try to add as wide a diversity of species as possible without overcrowding. Any aquatic plant is going to grow at a much faster rate than a terrestrial specie, so occasional thinning will be required. A side benefit of aquatic plants is, over time, they will lower the pH.
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