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Originally Posted by RussellB View Post
I agree but as long as my water is clear, fish healthy, Water lillies green and blooming I have no need to test.What if your local water utility took the same approach - 'We'll start testing when people start getting ill and die.' Most people have no idea of the chemistry of water and start adding chemicals to correct one problem only to create another problem.And that is exactly why you should test! On another note, if a pond is simply in place to hold water and not life, why not install UV to at least keep it clear?All ponds support various levels of life, whether introduced by humans or by nature.UVs work, they just do not address the cause of the problem. They are a 'Band-Aid' approach.
Testing is the ONLY means of accurately determining the status of any mechanism, whether organic or mechanical. Your doctor runs tests, your auto mechanic runs diagnostics, foods are inspected and tested and on and on.
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