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Exact Rototilling, thanks. We originally bought two LS 21" hydro aerators a couple years ago. Then after reading posts here, many said the XT5 was identical to the Lawn Solutions aerator (this is why I figured TURFCO made an "identical" 21" aerator rather than the wider 24" unit).

Now that we finally have a TURFCO 24" hydro to compare, I also realize several design differences compared to the LS units (all good ones). The XT5 is not top heavy. This has been top priority with the T3000. In open areas, one can quite easily run the XT5 with just one hand. But you need two hands to turn it and running it on slopes.

Regarding front wheel drive, yep the XT5 is the same as the Lawn Solutions aerator. Not sure what you mean regarding step access??

Anybody who wants to demo our XT5 is welcome 7 days a week. We're in Des Moines, IA.
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