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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
The Point is not 'chemical', but 'living organisms', doing what normally is done in healthy soils... real thatch is created by too much fert, too early in the season promoting lots of surface growth and an endless cycle of dieback and new surface growth with no opportunity for natural processes to break down the dead stuff before the hydrophobic layer is formed...

Dish soap can help break surface tension and move water through soil more easily, but I don't believe it physically helps the structure enough to actually relieve compaction...

I agree with Phasthound in that the combination of strategies isn't a bad idea...
Your point is very good, and it is how they label and advertise their product. It contains a lot of the organisms and it specifically is labeled as ideal to be applied if a fungicide, herbicide or insecticide is used. They suggest applying it 48 hours afterwards in order to help reestablish the colonies that are disrupted by the application.

Because I was still having to overseed and plant new stands this year I used a starter fert with siduron (which has worked great for me). So my spring apps couldn't use the tea...but I plan to use it for my fall ferts and potentially next year.

I'm not comparing or suggesting they are the same product but I think the soil doctor product is designed to do something simliar as ICT Bill's compost teas. Again I have no idea what the real differences are, but because ICT Bill's program is for pros (minimum quantities are relatively high) I couldn't get a small amount of his stuff so I decided to try the soil doctor. They are the same company that sold me my poa supina grass, I owe you some pictures of that I believe.
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