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Lessons learned...

All that security, and you didn't write down the serial numbers of your equipment,
now don't get me wrong but if you were to find one or more of these, how would
you prove they were truly yours?
Legally speaking, there is nothing you can do unless you can prove it's yours.
Looks to be yours and appearances alone may not be enough.

That was my biggest problem when I had my blower stolen, is I couldn't tell from the side of the road which
one was mine, certainly a streak of some wild color spray paint would have helped greatly but even then...

Walk up to a thief I know is holding my equipment...
What do I say to the guy?

I say it's mine, he says it's not!
And what if it isn't?

Say six months pass by, the equipment gets sold and is being used daily getting more wear and tear put on
until I drive past and spot what looks to be one of my pieces one day.
With a few more scratches than were there, how can I still be 100% sure it's mine?

Thief or rightful owner, I approach and politely confront the man, then he (also politely) tells me he bought this
piece of equipment in 2003 which he has owned ever since he started his business!
Coincidence that it happens to be the same year and model as the one I had stolen, or is it his or mine?
Whom does it really belong to, and how can I tell?

Legally, there is nothing I can do unless I can prove it's mine.

To all of you who still have your stuff:
Take a pad and pen, and walk around right now and write down the make, model, and serial number of every thing you own!
Then keep that information in a safe place.

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