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Originally Posted by GreenIndustryAssociates View Post
The shrubs look great, they look like they have been regularly maintained and not the mess you started with. But I have to agree with everyone else on the jap maples. I would never ever take a hedge trimmer to them, only a pair of hand pruners. Even if the customer requested it and I couldn't talk them out of doing it, I would still just do the rest and prune the maples and let them see them pruned before I ever hacked them up. I would be conceared about stressing it out way to much, something that jap maples are suseptable to
I would not say "hacked them up" I take offense to that! It takes skill to trim a jap maple like that, 10 years of pruning. Most people cant trim like that. I was unaware there was a rule book for trimming jap maples or trimming in general. Doing what I do to shrubs and trees has made me very successful , with many happy customers.The tree has never been stressed not once in 10 years. The customer did not request me to trim it that way . I felt that they would have to be trimmed that way to fit into the landscape. Here is a picture of the tree. I may be seeing things, but I see a very healthy tree.

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