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Originally Posted by ArenaLandsaping R.I. View Post
I would not say "hacked them up" I take offense to that! It takes skill to trim a jap maple like that, 10 years of pruning. Most people cant trim like that. I was unaware there was a rule book for trimming jap maples or trimming in general. Doing what I do to shrubs and trees has made me very successful , with many happy customers.The tree has never been stressed not once in 10 years. The customer did not request me to trim it that way . I felt that they would have to be trimmed that way to fit into the landscape. Here is a picture of the tree. I may be seeing things, but I see a very healthy tree.

FWIW, I asked my 12 YO daughter what she thought. She said they were ugly because they look like mushrooms, not trees. She thought the shrubs looked great though.

For me, it's just a thing I have for allowing things to grow as God intended. I can appreciate a nice hedge, but IMO trees should not be trimmed like this.

Take a pic this fall when the leaves are off and then we can see if you did a professional job of trimming or not.
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