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Originally Posted by Buck_wheat View Post
Nicely done... your work I take it?
Not mine, just a random photo I took at some point in time at one of our customers

Originally Posted by Wet_Boots View Post
the meter itself is protected in the pictured arrangement
Yup, meter is protected by the lower PRV, and that one can be adjusted to give allow more pressure to the system, nad then the second upper PRV will bring it back down for house water and appliances.

Originally Posted by irritation View Post
You need a new water co. Maybe one that enforces backflow testing. There is no reason for pressures that high.
I've seen slightly over 100 psi and it pisses me off when I need a prv.
SOP here (standard operating procedure). When you deal with it everyday like this, you are taught to accept this as if there is nothing wrong or different about it. I'd rather have high pressure and be able to regulate it down, than to be begging for more pressure and not be able to get it. I have systems we work on that have been at 120+ psi for 10-20 years and if the system was installed properly, we find no more problems than a system at 50-60 psi. It's all in the install practices and the correct components. Put a nice green Orbit/WaterMaster valve in there, and forget it, it won't last long.

Also, our local water company is run by the city. Not a private enterprise. And if the pressure was all brought down now, we'd be in a world of hurt due to systems being designed with this pressure already in place and expected.
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