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I will add for anyone who has read some of my other threads. It took me a long time in business before I operated this way.

I used "the going rate" for years both residential and commercial.

It was many years into it that I applied this to my own business and to the customers that I already had. Thats when I realized how little I was making.

Learning how to do this was the precursor to my "How to fail" thread.

We took a couple of months and did a complete evaluation of the business from top to bottom. Including following the crews on their routes with a stop watch so we knew exactly how long each property took.

It was shocking to see accounts that I thought for sure were making us money, in reality they were costing money to do. And the opposite was true. Some of them little $25 jobs were throwing off 80% profit. While the $40,000 a year account was at 1.5% and thats only if it was done just as fast every week with no wasted time, and no breakdowns.

If I had done this from the start, i would have had a totally different operation
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