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vinegar: insecticide/herbicide

Anybody use "vinegar" for killing weeds & bugs? (one can easily search the web & find this stuff for sale) I have a customer that sprays it on thistles in his ornamental beds ,and he says that vinegar kills his thistles, but more appear weekly.. We also took on customers cuz their "vinegar" was not doing the job regarding specific insects.

Is vinegar "natural"?? Is it "organic"? If it is a "natural organic" product, then why does it smell so bad. Is it unsafe in any way? Is it ineffective? Does anybody use it? If so, what do you use it for? Is it cost effective? How long does it last regarding the target pest you're trying to control?

Do you consider "vinegar" safer than products approved by the EPA? Do you think a product is "safer" just cuz some say it's a "natural organic" product?

Reason I'm asking is cuz we picked up some pretty pissed off customers over recent years that formally used an "organic" outfit. When we provide land grant university fact sheets, these folks got even madder cuz. They were overcharged, and they realized they were sold a bill of goods.

This is my 2 cents. I won't even go into land grant university results.

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