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Help Identifying Weed/Grass

I apologize if this post is in the wrong location; however I am trying to identify two types of weeds in my yard for which I do not believe to be crabgrass that is already in my lawn.

First: There is a ton of this fast growing weed/grass in a portion of my lawn that I am renovating. It has strong roots and seems to grow in a bunch, I havenít identified creepers but it will grow straight out low to the ground almost sideways as well. The bottom of the stems/root area is whitish/purplish and the stems grow up tall to produce a 3 prong seed pod. There is no flowering, just seeds when it is fully grown within 5-7 days after mowing. I see a lot of this on the sides of roads that are un-mowed. Full height will nearly reach knees.

Photo 1: Yard is full of tall weeds; notice the crab grass in bottom right of photo:

Photo 2: Up close :

Second: I also have a weed that is growing in the healthy parts of the lawn. This weed/grass is lighter in color than the fescue and grows faster than surrounding grass. It has spread further into the lawn. I have also pulled this from the mulch beds when I see it growing there. I have not seen it produce any seed pods yet but would it be an immature version of above spreading into the yard?

Photo 1: In Lawn Ė left areas:

Photo 2: Up Close:

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