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What is EcoClear?
EcoClear is a Non-Selective Herbicide that
is made from a proprietary mixture of Acetic Acid
and Citric Acid (components of Vinegar and
Lemon Juice). EcoClear is an environmentally
friendly product and has no lasting impact on the
surrounding areas. It breaks down immediately
upon application and provides an excellent
alternative to chemical products.

Only plant surfaces that come into contact with the product will be killed
25% acetic Acid
I have even seen 30%
I recall benzene and Naptha as the surfactants or 2 of the ingredients.

It works better than ammonium soaps of fatty acids but is a bit more expensive. About $140 for 2.5 Gallons.

1 liter (pint) EcoClear to 3 liters of Water = 4 Liter Dilution mix.

Don't even accidently breath in when mixing. The vapors will burn your lungs. Don't get the product on your skin, especially your back when using a backpack sprayer. If you do get product on your back, wash it off immediately, you will be burned sligthly but not as bad as if you left it.

Product smells like fish and chips.

I give it a LawnSite Member rating of 5 out of 10 for Acetic Acid as an effective Organic Weed Control product.

Never heard of it as an insecticide. I have seen frogs and other creatures on the ground twitching after being hit with the vinegar.

Its cruel for the critters but I just keep telling myself its Organic.

I do like the sticking agent components in this product, that may be why it works better than just vinegar.

But every alternative product I have tried does not come even close in effectivness to conventional synthetic pesticides.

Non systemic Organic products are just Chemical Mowing, regrowth happens.
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