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Disregard that last reply because of the 10 minute timeout.

I started off that way and at times it feels like a giant hiring circle with helpers getting tired in the heat and not pulling the same weight as they did in the spring time.

Then client financial issues that you can have covered before they hit. Have your employees first 2 months pay before he starts in case hard times hit your clients and they cant pay for a month or two till they get caught back up with their own money. you may have to foot his first few paychecks yourself...instead of the being the owner and having the ONLY initial start-up capitol. Through out the years we've had about 15 guys working at any given time. I suck at the hiring process still any one have some good interview questions...ways to verify experience. I was thinking about starting EVERYONE at $8.25 with a 2-5% performance raise at 90 day, 120 days, and then annually after that (that would put them right at $10/hr once they actually know what they are doing. That way they show they are interested in this industry and have experience....keeping in mind they are ONLY going to be doing one maybe 2 things completely supervised. Trimming and think that merits more $ initially. You do nothing but hold it and walk. With that raise structure they get rewarded more the faster and more proficiently they learn it. Then once I know that they KNOW how and what to do without being supervised and can handle everything with confidence then and ONLY then unless they have proof that they have worked in the industry for how every many years ...perhaps old pay stubs or check with previous employers listed on an application I dont know for sure. I would have no problem hiring a person initially at $10+ if they are proficient to my expectations of what you should know after doing a specific job for a year or more...but I definitely dont take their word for it as it usually turns out its not entirely true and they fibbed a little just to land the interview... it kills the time for me having to deal with an upset client then reprimand the employee, then retrain him, and you have to go through the whole trust thing all over again and it maybe months into the next season before you think his competence and proficiency is there without supervision.

Another thing would be to start the new guy under the pretenses of become a foreman once proficient on his own....with the key responsibility of making sure his helper isn't cutting corners or milking the clock. Pay once or twice a month AFTER service is performed and meets expectations...any cut corners or neglected areas should be fixed to company standards and policies before he gets paid or they dont meet their end of the employee/employer contract...and it is a contract! Weather you call it one or not the state and government views it that way. and if they quit well kiss that unemployment good by.

If you get a bad employee and dont want to pay unemployment...demote his pay (from reprimands, write-ups, etc)...increase his hours (to go back and fix those areas or call it training)...until he quits on his own or is forced to improve.

Would you work for $8.25 hr in an entry level position if the only thing you did was edge OR weed eat OR Blow? Not all combined, just ONE! I think hats completely fair...IMO.

Now that might not cover the cost of living but that's the difference in P/T and F/T. P/T you'll need to work two jobs more than likely (usually its one job with shitty pay and great benefits OR great pay and no benefits.

Just thought of this.... How about hiriing 2 or 3 at Min. wage for this first week or so and then take the most proficient one...I believe this paid training/verification period is protected from the two that didnt make the cut from not being able to collect unemployment because it was stated upfront exactly what the qualifications that are required and they failed at keeping their end of the employment contract. Im not sure what it is that protects you but I do know there are companies out there that are protected in the manner.

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