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If youve only had 5 or 6 people in the last 5 years tell you your price is tooo high then your not charging enough yet LOL. I have no idea how many bids you put out there each year, but if your closing 90 or 95% thats too high a percentage.

Im not implying that your doing low quality work or anything, just suggesting that you even charge more then you think you can provided you can cherry pick your customers. If you need work or are trying to fill out an area thats different market strategy, but if your routes are already tight, and some admirering neighbor of your work asks for a price, quote them a few bucks higher then the neighbor your already doing. You already have impressed that fish onto your hook, the extra money is to sink that hook. And if you are fully booked, you can go back and either raise the price on a client you bid to low or drop it all together if your not making what you need too.

I like it when a prospect tells me Im the highest bid or way higher then the other guy, it tells me Im where I want to be. I reallly like it when they hire me anyhow, because of a higher level of quality.

One thing Id like to go do to those guys who underbid me adnd win is tell them how much I was getting on that job. Their expression that they left $5 $10 or $20 per cut or $100s of dollars on the table for a full contract is always priceless.

Good luck to you

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