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Originally Posted by 2brothersyardcare View Post
i was looking at the pavers lol what kind are they i never got a response on fb
Hmmmm. Must have missed that comment on FB.

Ya, when you look at the pavers it does look slanted, but again it's the fence that throws off the perception. I've actually had a handful of people ask me if there was a slope on them or not because of that reason.

Next time I'm out there I might throw a level on it to confirm that I did it right. The sloping comments have bugged me a bit as I try to be a perfectionist.

Also, you can see the pavers on the ledge and they look tilted slightly forward and actually that was done on purpose to get the water to run forward and off the wall.

The pavers are a Whitacre/Grier clay paver. #32 and #33.

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