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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Vinegar is acid when they distill it to 20% acid, it is dangerous esp. in your eyes or membranes... It only burns the protective layer of the leaf of and killing the greenery of the plant... that is how it functions...

Glyphosate/roundup also kills the root and is not a scary earth killing chemical... actually the other chemical that they add to the glyphosate seems to be the problem, but your EPA doesn't require that they are listed on the label so one never knows...
I've been reading how RoundUp works in AcresUSA and other sources. Check out this excerpt from an interview with Don Huber from Purdue. I know Americanlawn is big on his land grant university studies. BTW, I don't think using RU on lawns is a huge deal, but spraying it on my food is a VERY different story.
I found that glyphosate has an effect on reducing manganese in plants, which is essential to many plant defense reactions that protect plants from disease and environmental stress. Glyphosate can immobilize plant nutrients such as manganese, copper, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, and zinc so they are no longer nutritionally functional.

Glyphosate kills weeds by tying up essential nutrients needed to keep plant defenses active. Glyphosate doesn't kill weeds directly but shuts down their defense mechanisms so pathogens in the soil can mobilize and kill the weeds. Glyphosate completely weakens the plant, making it susceptible to soil borne fungal pathogens.

That is one reason why we see an increase in plant diseases. Glyphosate causes plants to be more susceptible and greatly stimulates the virulence of pathogens that kill plants.
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