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Growth from Lawnsite - a better contractor

Hello All,

Everyone knows my experience with growing in the lighting world as I have posted what I have gained from the AOLP and IES. Each group I pay my dues to has helped me grow, but participation is key to what I get back. Tom's comment about Jan, COLD, CLVLT, etc is so accurate. Yes, the CLVLT should be local... but I decided to invest in my business and attend AOLP conference and make the trip. Each year gets better. This year proved it was worth my time away from family and the investment. Each group I participate with provides many added features and benefits, mostly connection to what is new and up to date in design training. Lighting is only possible with sales - and it is important to sell yourself, your design, and your integrity. I have learned a lot on this website from various people on how to improve all those areas. I encourage anyone to participate, take some time from your day, post a little note, and read everyone's input. For everyone on this forum, there are another 20 amazing contractors out there that we do not know about that may never find this forum (mostly because they do not have time). I do not have time but I always gain something from reading. George - glad to have you participating. Talk soon. Tanek Reynolds Lighting Division

What is everyone using for product? (probably should start a new post..or see if anyone is reading this and starts a post themselves)
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