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Originally posted by Andrew S
It is easy to say my price is my price if your weeks are fully booked and you don't care if the guy accepts your price or not.This usually comes after years of hard work and good service.

However if some of you guys are new to the game I understand why cheaper pricing exists.simply you need some work any work to get things going and to pay the bills

if your business is the second scenario then you have bought yourself a job with many hours of unpaid overtime.

the quicker lcos improve their business's the sooner a better quality of life can be attained
I can agree with this. As for now, I am part-time and still have room for adding accounts. I have bidded some jobs less than what I should just to get them. I am planning on going full-time next year and probably will continue doing this until my days are full. I still hold to my minimum of $25 from dropping the gate and the jobs that I did bid low are not more than probably $5 less what I should be charging. Once I get my days full then I will able to drop the less profitable accounts for more the the full service accounts that everyone strives for.

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