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help me with a shop

I'm looking to build a shop to store/operate/repair out of. Right now I'm a one crew mowing company. I also do apps. So I have mowers, aerators, ride on sprayer etc. I'm going to build something with the anticipation of 2 crews and repair area. I'm thinking 3000 sq ft, 50x60 with 2 roll up doors. I'd like to be able to back my truck/trailer in and then close the door.

What size shop are you guys in? Any recommendations on size? I'd like to store some fertilizer, pine straw, etc and also have room for all the equipment.

In looking online at buildings do you do 12 ga or 14 ga? Insulated or not (I'm in North Carolina so very little snow and winter night lows in the single digets are rare.

Any advice or help would be great since I need to get some quotes, but want to know what I really need and want. I also have to get the land rezoned to accomodate a shop.
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