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Everyone can work for a different price depending on their overhead and such.

When I was in NY. My shop and office alone with utilities cost me $3000 a month.
Health insurance through the company for my family and one employee was $2000.
Commercial truck insurance was over 10,000 a year
Comp was like 25,000 a year

Thats not figuring in what I needed out of the business to pay my personal bills. Mortgage taxes utilities etc etc

Those couple expenses are $85000 a year before I cut the first lawn or bought a drop of gas or paid an employee, or bought a machine.

Thats a lot of $30 lawns.

Little easier for the guy working out of his garage, with a truck that his full time job covers the payment and insurance. Health insurance through his job or his wifes.

The business is a whole different ballgame when its a side job for extra cash, and i even put a lot of fulltimers in that category.

Guys would be in for a heck of a wakeup call if they had to survive on solely the lawn business if they had to operate it completely on its own two feet with no subsidies or crutches.
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