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Originally Posted by Heavyduty1 View Post
Is Talstar still one of the best ways to control fire ants? I can get 25lbs granular for $26 at a local farm supply store.

Just got my license, so it's time to get the good stuff.

Yes those granules will work. However they are not very economic. Fires Ants are actually very easy to control or kill. Therefore it isn't a matter of what works, But rather what method works and costs less to control Fire Ants.

Your cost of Talstar PL Granules is $ 26 for 25 lbs which LOW label rates says it cover just under 11K at a cost of $ 2.36 plus tax per thousand sq ft. My Chemical cost to treat the same 11K area is $ 1.62 instead of $ 26.00. Who do you think can competitively bid Fire Ant Control and turn a Profit.

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