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Shooting out lower prices just to get work, has just given you the reputation for charging little for your services. Be prepared to loose customers when you start your new pricing structure the next season or whenever you decide to actually want to make money. Then you will be starting over again with the actual clientele you originally should have gone for. Thus, creating a small client base you once again need to grow, therefore, pricing less to once again try and get work. It's a big vicious circle you yourself create. You also will not have created a loyal customer base if you plan on booting them to the curb to price higher the following season. Poor business on your part.

Do yourselves a favor and price right from the start. You will make the money you NEED to run the business correctly, you will build loyal and satisfied customers, and you will achieve higher standards and goals sooner than you think. Pricing low "just to get work" is a poor excuse on your part. It is very possible to sell work at higher costs and continue to get more work at those price levels. I have stuck to this since the beginning and will never stray from this theory. Our business is in the third season and continues to grow in a satisfied and profitable client base. Our problem is skilled and intelligible help to keep up with the work demand. It's a sad day when I have to turn work down week after week because we are booked rock solid and have to approach help issues like walking through a mine field.
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