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Originally Posted by MR-G View Post
gps systems have come down in costs quite a bit...we use tracking features and mapping (real time) and have each truck and all of our ztr's fitted with it...we use it primarily for keeping track of our crews times in the field...but will most definately be helpful if ever stolen....i feel your pain as we too had a big loss due to theft back in 06.....been using the gps ever since..we also have car alarms on each truck and in each trailer...24hr video on 4 cameras recording onto a dvr as well as a infra red perimeter detection system that will call my cellphone if tripped...can also watch cams from phone...i admit its a little overkill maybe but after youve been hit you tend to get a little carried
I was going to say the samething! LoJack could be a good investment! I don't think it is overkill at all, I think you are smart!

Sorry to hear about your losses, nothing on this Earth pisses me off worse than a scumbag who steals a working mans equipment! Theft is out of control and it is getting worse, it is time for lawmakers to start making stiffer penalties. Obviously you were up against a pro and most likely you are not going to recover it, not to many people going through that hassle to steal equipment, they knew what they were doing! I would certainly look into LoJack or some other security devise! I hope everything works out for you!

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