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Originally Posted by PROCUT1 View Post

A property that I would have priced at $35,000 for the year will have bids from $9,000 to 125,000.

How in the hell can one property, that everyone bid on the same specs, that everyone is running similar equipment, and going to have similar expenses, have a spread of over 100,000?
can't knock a guy for throwing a huge bid. you never know, you might land a $35k job for $100k. I agree though, huge difference. We dont have large jobs like that. and I dont care because im not trying to impress anyone. Im trying to support my family and live comfortably. Ive had guys knocking me for going back to mostly mow and blow with less full service and choosing lower end lawns vs high end picky PITA customers. then they said they would rather make a bit less an hour and do the higher end work! now that im in my mid 30's my body will not keep up doing mulch and hedges all day everyday. and when we can blow out 4-5 lawns an hour with 2-3 men crew. you dont need to major in math to figure $/hr vs hedges at $25-$50/hr like most claim to get on here. let them laugh, we're booked up and keep up. and making "a little" less is often less then half of what we gross an hour. Luckily im at the point where my bids go up just because we dont want the work.

our overhead sucks. the cost of living in CT is high. We pay employees a fair amount and are now trying to set up IRA's for the guys as a bonous. Gas is 2nd highest in the country, our medical is $1800/month, gas is $2500/month, my shops are on the property and not even calculated out of the morgate.
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