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Lack of Respect for Industry?

I often get the "I am better than you" attitudes from clients and also feel as though people look down upon the irrigation industry. I also get customers that go with my company because they like to use the "small guy." Then the epic engineer that thinks he is better than all of us and proposes his own desgin, and we all know how that turns out.

I do not know the industry stats but most of the companies around that are big enough for me to take notice are run by well educated guys. I do not know where the "small guy" vibe comes from, maybe it is because I personally do the bids, but we install 175-250 systems a year.

In a way I guess I am happy that people do not know how big of an industry this is, and if run properly you can make a good chunk of change.

The horrible attitude I get from people that believe they are well educated and MUCH smarter than I/We are (DELL employees) is amazing. They think that sitting behind a desk makes them better than all of us, and of course smarter. Well I manage the books, 12-20 emplyees, 4 trucks and equip, work 65-80 hrs a week, and do it well enough to make people think I am still the "small guy." Also if my company fails, SO DO I, which no employee in any industry will ever understand.

One time I did get a tad bit of justice. I filed a lien on a guy who was being a royal PITA because he wanted to wait and see if he grass turned green in all areas before he paid his balance. When he found out about the lien he personally brought the check to my house, not office, and got to see what kind of lifestyle this ditch digger lead. When I answered the door, all he said was, "THIS IS YOUR HOUSE?" with amazement on his face.

Anyone else get this? What have you done?
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