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What problems? It's your quintessential SFL HOA do it your self-er.

When I got there I immediately saw the black plastic riser with a cap on it and was already impressed. Then I noticed the quality installation of the PVC Chinese check valve. The rear of the pump is held up by random pieces of rock and concrete in an effort to align the volute with the main, the intent was good but didn't quite accomplish the goal.

The water spraying out from the cap is hitting a switch installed inside the box ex-outdoor rated cover. The controller (Intermatic of course) is across the street immediately next to the breaker box which I will have to use my grinder to open & turn the power off before we can commence work.

The problem was " intermittent loss of prime" The HOA complained they had just put in the new check valve and the system would run for a single cycle and loose prime, the well must be dry.

Turned on the pump poured all of a gln or so into the volute and had prime in about 30 seconds. Turned off the pump and didn't hear that magic sucking sound of the water rushing back down the hole.

Pulled the cap off the well head and checked the well; took all the water I could give it. Dropped a line down the hole to check the level; 15ft.

I suspect a bad weld is leaking air into the line since there was water in the bottom of the volute. Otherwise I would have suspected a bad seal as a possibility also.

Anyway, we'll pull the whole damned thing out and do it right.
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