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The USA has become a nation of yuppie MBA's geeks, illiterates, illegals or drug addicts. None of them could find their a$$ in the dark with a flashlight and two hands. My wife and I love to read the paper and catch all of the grammatical errors from this bunch of white collar vageniuses and try and make sense of what they are talking about. A white shirt makes them superior until $hit breaks and then they got to call the blue collar guy.

I run a property maintenance business, I don't do installations and probably could never come close to learning or even understanding all of the accumulated knowledge of the participants on this forum. But when stuff breaks, 99% of the time we can fix it. So when Muffie's tampons stuffs up the toilet after she drop a log on it, they call me to herd the turd and get the water moving again. Smells like $hit to her and Binky but it smells like money to me.

I love when stuff breaks... I don't care about their attitudes, just the check. All of my business is from referral's because of the quality, customer service and price; and we do some fancy communities too, where the HOA refers us to the HO's because they are happy with us.

As soon as a guy shows up in a brand new truck with a shirt and tie on, they are going to pay too much for inferior service from people who don't give a damn. Let them, they've got my magnetic card on their fridge, eventually they'll call.
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