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You are confusing the lack of respect for you by these office types rather than a lack of respect in general for the industry.
Personally I couldn't give twoshitsless what people think of me as long as their checks don't bounce.
Unless the client is even more aggravating than my ex-wife, and so far it has been only one patel to achieve this lofty designation, I completely ignore their stubbing and know-it-all attitude until it comes time to compile the estimate.
Then I add on a "pita" factor - some pay and some don't.
I have had only one client ask me what I thought of him - so I replied. Told him if he was in the middle of the street I wouldn't hit my brakes to stop since I didn't want to wake up my dog in the backseat. I see him occasionally when the wife calls for irrigation service and she looks at him strangely when he always starts off with "woke up your dog lately?"
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