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I was at a home yesterday, and the mother-in-law met me there to show what the problems were and where they wanted added drip lines. She was going on and on about this and that, and then talked about how sprinklers were so easy to do, and she and her husband used to buy homes, fix them up, install sprinklers and landscaping, and resell them.

Yes there is a general perception that what we do is easy, and that anybody could do it. And they are right! Anybody can do it. But the smart ones do it CORRECTLY. Just as there are people in the IT business that can build a crappy website, or maintaining a network of computers at a business and they are constantly working on it because they don't fix the cause of the problem. There are crappy people in every industry, but there are enough dirty low lifes in ours that it makes the rest of us look bad.
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