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Originally Posted by lawnguy27 View Post
I'm thinking about replacing my Toro Timecutter with a Grandstand. I would like to have some reviews on the Grandstand. The main thing is how it handles on hills. If some people would please give me a review on how you like yours that would be greatly appreciated. If you have any pictures of the cut and/or your Grandstand that would be great too. Thanks!
sorry no pictures but i LOVE my toro grandstand. besides demoing units the only mower i have to compare it to was my exmark tthp that it replaced.

i did demo most of the stand on mowers on the market though and the grandstand was the one for me.

it has a large platform for your feet. i found the other units have small "slots" your feet are suppose to set in. the adjustable HOC works great for me. i love the adjustable baffle as well. the machine handles very well and cuts awesome.

as for handling hills i have no problems what so ever.

the only thing i would change on the grandstand is the deck isn't a true floating deck. the engine is attached to the deck and goes up and down with the deck. so it's more of a fixed deck machine.

keep in mind my review is of the 09 model. they did make some changes after that. i was offered the changes but saw no need for them. the only change i made was to the parking brake and due to a hydro leak i now have the new hydro settings which removed the "speed lever". but i know the newer units have some spring assembly to make changing heights even easier and i think i was told they did something to the gas tank. they also supposedly did something to the throttle i think as well making it go much faster in reverse. but again i didn't do any of those updates.

my motto has always been if it aint broke don't fix it. so i'm only doing the updates if needed. and i needed the parking brake update. and as i said i had a hydro leak so i think they just replaced everything doing the update to fix the leak. but i have no problems raising and lower the deck and i don't find the gas tank update or throttle update necessary either.
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