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Originally Posted by Stuttering Stan View Post
Let's face it, we work in the dirt. Our clients work in the A/C wearing a tie with their own personal office and many times with a personal assistant. We are paid for our labor and they are paid for their brains. Until we are on the same level as them, they will not think of us as equals.

On the other hand, we can name the price for our skills. 2 BMW's in the driveway = 20% price bump.
Sadly I got into this business after college because I didnt want to be in a cubical wearing a tie. Now all I do is sit behind this computer, go on bids, and throw paper at my secertary. At least there is no one telling me what to do... but I do need to go on a diet. In my grunt days I was about 185 now for some reason the scale says 210??? werid.

I come from a family of all self made men, that all own different businesses. I have to say, that by far, this is the most unique business of them all. You litterally get out of irrigation what you put into it.

I love irrigation, but hate 10% of the customers.
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