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Originally Posted by Blazerfb View Post
Haven't been on one but keep looking at the 36" Vantage at my dealer. He loves it but agrees it is hard to replace a 36" turf tracer hp. If you had a lot of big sloped yards it would rock. My 48" Grandstand is great on my commercial end and on some of my large residentials. I think the 36 stander has a place mostly on big residential yards.
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i'm still not sure i understand how it is hard to replace a 36" exmark tthp with a 36" grandstand.

i'd love to ditch my 36" exmark metro and get a 36" grandstand but the ONLY thing holding me back is the price of the 36" grandstand. i only use the 36" currently on 2 backyards each week. no reason to spend that much money on 2 backyards when the metro is working fine.

as for quality of cut between a 36" deck and anything larger. i don't think there much is difference if any. i've heard people make that statement before like a 36" deck's cut is superior to say a 52" or 60" deck.

side by side my 36" deck cuts every bit as good as my 52" deck does. and there is no more chance of me scalping my properties with the 52" deck than when i strictly used the 36" deck.

purhaps it's late or i'm missing something cause i really don't follow the logic in those statements.
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