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Originally Posted by dahammer View Post
Yes, I got a soil sample, which called for a tremendous amount of lime. I had a guy come and put lime out with a truck that fall, then I planted it the following summer. What I should have done was kept working on the soil until I got it right, but all I had was winter grass so I had to do something quick.
I was told by my extension office that it takes a couple of years for the lime to work it's way into the soil. Over a 1 year period I put down 300 bags of lime on my 2 acres. What I've discovered is that getting the soil right is 95% of the battle. I've also realized there are no quick fixes, at least for me. I'm going to get a soil sample here again pretty soon to see where I'm at. I'd be willing to bet I'm going to need more lime. We'll see.

Stay after it though......may take a couple of years but it'll be worth it in the end.
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