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the laws will be diffrent in your state and sometimes in countys...

I was surprised when you said 500 for insurance...

as far as the LLC/INC. depending on your value. it may be better for you to simply file a DBA....

this is a decission you will have to make. each person is diffrent. read on your states web site and go from there. as far as accountaints. there is really NO reason to jump out there and pay some one to do this right off the bat.

after you GROW this is a good ideal, unless your good at it.
when I started I did everythign. NOW I'm to the point where I do all the taxes, and paper work.

again, do your OWN RESEARCH...... dont take advice from this site.....

I have seen a post where a person took advice and then got called in, and he said....
WELL this guy on the internet said I could claim it as a tax deduction...

Dont even talk to people who cant purchase your product or service.........Dave Thomas.
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