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i just made a 100 mile turnaround to look at a "friends" pool. known the guy since he was 16, he's doing well right now and is a limited partner with one of my best friends.

long story short, he calls while i'm on the way home and tells me that he got phone prices from 2 other companies and the low price was less than $2600 and that included a pool sweep, i told him to go with that company.

i feel insulted that he resorted to this form of price shopping and abused our "friendship" in this manner.

nobody else has visited the site, done any testing or made any inspections of the structure.

the equipment that he wants is around $2000 my cost, the main drain is clogged, the water level is just below the top of the light (indicative of a niche leak) the slide needs re plumbed, the pad will need enlargement, the in-ground plumbing is 1.5" instead of of 2", the main drain is plugged
as is the suction line between the backwards plumbed suction list goes on and on.

on top of all of the mentioned items, the pool will require an anti entrapment drain retrofit to be VGB compliant and no contractor or service company will work on the pool without the retrofit, "it's the law"

all of the trades are being degraded by both the state of the economy and the general opinion of the public vs "blue collar" individuals.

the oldtimers say that if it was easy everyone could do it
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