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Originally Posted by Blazerfb View Post
You would if you'd ever used that 52 on the wrong slope. Not to mention, the Metro is a piece compared to the turf tracer. Not the same mower at all. What kind of grass are you talking ab too, makes a huge difference. Perfection is quite different than finishing.
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yes i realize we are talking about 2 different machines. but the cut is very similar.

i'm cutting tall fescue and kentucky blue.

i go for perfection, not just finishing. so don't go critising my work.

Originally Posted by Mustangl3 View Post
I just picked up a used 2010 grandstand. What are the differences between the '10 and'11 and does the '10 need the updates?
no updates needed between the 10's and 11's. it was the 09's that had updates.

the 10's and on have the updates.
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