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No pictures, just a conversation today. I do irrigation work for several landscapers and one called today. Here is the jist of the conversation.

Landscaper: I need a quote to temporarily irrigate 139 trees

Me: Is this a storage area or planted?

Landscaper: I don't know

Me: where's the job?

Landscaper: I don't know

Me: where's the plan?

Landscaper: I don't have one

Me: How the hell did you bid a job having no idea where it is or a plan to look at.

Landscaper: they wanted a bid to plant 139 trees, so I gave them one. I am the low bid as of now and if I get the job they will give me a plan and location.

Me: Is this 300' or 3 acres?

Landscaper: I don't know, but I need a ballpark price.

Me: Less than $10K

Turns out this is an insurance company replacing trees that some "landscaper" planted and then all died. No plan, no location, you're just supposed to blind bid this thing.
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