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real ponds and pond builders

I got a good chuckle out of this thread. It reminds me that we each have our own perspective of reality. The original poster's perception of a real pond is far from my concept of a real pond. His perception of real pond builders is closer to what many of us might call Santa Claus.

I am reminded of a recent call from woodstock vt. The gentleman wanted us to send someone from our lake placid, ny location to look at his proposed pond site for free. We were suppose to be so honored by his request that we would gladly drive the 7 hour round trip at no charge. As I was quickly exiting the phone conversation, I was torn between laughing him off the phone and wanting to reach through the phone line to give this "gentleman" a dose of reality. In any case, it is said that it takes all kinds to make the world go around. Thankfully most of us have learned we don't need this sort of client. It's pretty easy to see why people have rejected his offer. In the end, real ponds cost real money.
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