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I have a cub enforcer. 12 hours and no problems yet. Cuts great, runs great, I havent had any of the issues I have read about people having on here. Got a great deal on it and dont regret it. It has the same brand motor, Zero turn wheel motors as almost ever comparable machine out there. So far my dealer has been great. The hitch wasnt on it so, they got me a new one. I looked at Hustler sport, yazoo/kees esteem, husky. The hustler had cheaper wheel motors, Yazoo and husky are the same mower and they had the ZTR2800 wheel motos but didnt have the command engine, only had the courage. So, I went with the enforcer plus, it had a full suspension seat the others didnt have that. I guess to each his own. Good luck with whatever you chose.
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