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Originally Posted by Birdman View Post
Thanks for the reply. can you post or PM me what your good deal was? I can't get my local dealer to deal at all...straight list. I would buy online or out of state if needed to save some cash.
That's funny. You think they'd want to give them away considering what they are selling. LOL

My Scag dealer also sells CC. I actually bought a Enforcer in the beginning. After 10hrs it had ate 3 deck belts! Then it wouldn't stay at full throttle while mowing. Every few minutes I had to push the throttle up. THEN, I try to change the cut height to 3in and with the deck all the way up, it was at 2-3/4in. It should be able to cut at 4in. After a few visits I told them they need to do something about it. He called CC and they agreed to exchange the mower. I get the new replacement and it's even worse then the first one. I didn't even bother with it. I went back inside and told them to refund the purchase. He didn't have a problem and told me I need a Scag. He was right. I've been happy with the Scag.

No matter what anyone says about how great CC is, they will always be junk in my book. Very poor quality control but then again, look where they come from! Do what you want but I can tell you, there's a lot more mowers out there that are WAY better in quality and craftsmanship for the same or close to, price.
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