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Glad to hear there are some others out there. If your buddy still has a compressor he wants to sell, let me know. My plan was to hook it up at the end of the day, and have a compressed tank the next morning.

I've heard you can get the tanks reinspected and extend the expiration date, but I've yet to find what qualifications are needed or cost to certify.

Like I said, we have only a single public pump. There are quite a few buses, trash trucks, and city vehicles using CNG, but I doubt many normal citizens use it in this city. If I could, I would use it on everything, but the conversions are cost prohibitive unless I find a compressor.

Any other deals on tanks or systems, please pass on reputable conversion companies. Our local gas company obviously spent an arm and a leg on these trucks and I've heard GM and Ford both offer a factory conversion that can run on CNG. No clue on incremental cost. Anyone can find out if there are filling stations nearby by searching on google, or the national energy website will provide all locations as well.
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