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Plant thief in Orlando

Camera Catches Thief Stealing Thousands In Plants
Posted: 3:52 pm EDT August 4, 2011

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Orlando police said they need your help identifying a thief who has stolen thousands of dollars worth of plants from the Metrowest area.
The crook was caught tearing up landscaping by an iris camera in broad daylight. In the surveillance video, a man is seen quickly ripping out a row of plants and shoving them into a bag.
WFTV was told the thefts have been going on since March and police said they believe the man may be responsible for all of them.
Hundreds of the plants have already been stolen and are valued at more than $4,000.
"It's a burden on the homeowners out there and Metrowest to have to keep replacing plants that they've already paid to plant. We just want to stop him and bring an end to this," said Sgt. Vince Ogburn of the Orlando Police Department.
In March, iris cameras were unveiled in the area to catch crooks in the act. Last year, an iris camera caught a beating and robbery under an I-4 bridge in downtown Orlando.
The live feed was watched by an officer at a command center and the suspects were arrested just minutes later.
Police are hoping the footage of the plant robber will help them do the same. They're also asking anyone who's spotted the man in the act to contact the Orlando Police Department.
If and when the man is caught, police said he will be facing grand theft charges.
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