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Originally Posted by MJfromMD View Post
The Oregon G6 part no. 396-740 is 20.5" long, with the 5/8" mtg. hole, which is the same as my other OEM blades.

It is the closest "dimensionally" (in G6 blades) to my other "Gator" blades.

However it is also 3" wide, whereas the others are only 2.03" - 2.50" wide.

Anyone tried running 3.0" wide blades on this deck? Please advise!
They won't hit. Although the blade is 3" wide it's still the same length from tip to tip and that is where you'd have a problem.

If you measure the overall length of a 2-1/2" blade and a 3" blade you'd find the 3" blade is a litte shorter.

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