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Rain Bird 100 DV troubles


We've got a system we built last week, and am kind of puzzled about this one. It's a 1" system, 85 PSI. Have a Hunter Pro-C controller running the 15 zone system all with Rain Bird 100 DV Valves. Unusual to use different manufacturers - possibly, but this combo has worked for us with no issues in the past, and ease of accessible and interchangeable parts is important.

Problem is with one valve that will not open from the controller. Have tested it with a multimeter - have 24 V at both the controller and the valve, have replaced the solenoid, diaphragm, and top of valve twice, ran jumper wire for both ground and lead, and still can't get it to go. The solenoid buzzes, but the diaphragm won't open. Valve will open manually no problem, and shuts back off. Just can't get it to open by the timer.

Even tried a different valve terminal on the timer, also doubled up the control wire - still no difference. We're kind of baffled - only thing we haven't changed is the valve body on the bottom - unless it's a porting issue. I did run a wire down through the solenoid port and it was not plugged.

Any ideas?
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