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Be very careful when estimating how much your website brings you. You cannot quantify VALIDITY.

Websites, for service professionals, are not used to gain customers, but rather to validate bids that were received. The customer wants to be sure they won't get taken. Your website presence shows an additional step to the purchaser that you are not a fraud. We all know that contractors in general compete with fraudulant people on reputation and your reputation will state to prospective customers that you are no where near fraudulant.

Do not use your website for:
attracting new customers
selling new customers
bidding on new customers

Use your website for the following:
maintaining records for existing customers
showcasing your work
validate your business
contact information
Accepting payments on the web

In your business, your website should be about informing new customers and providing information to existing customers. When a referral comes to you via word of mouth, if they check your website, then that will add the validity to contact you further. In your business you would be wasting money to market your website so that you could get good search hits. Additonally your market area is too small for that wouldn't want to landscape a building in Miami if your were located in Maine.


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