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You said: "Do not use your website for:
attracting new customers
selling new customers
bidding on new customers"

This is absolutely wrong. Why do I need to have a site only for the customers I already have? No need, unless you do a monthly newsletter for tips and such. I do need it to attract new ones, use as a selling tool and help them see the work I do is very similar to the work I am bidding on at their place.

I have done web design in the past. And especially for this type of business (Green Industry) it is vital for getting new customers. I do not need a web site to show the customers I already have the job we do......they already know!

I am not trying to just disagree with you, just offering another point to web presence and how others view it.

Yes I do have a site and give its address to potential customers as a selling tool all the time. We have many that look at it and or find it by other means.
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