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lol. I'm surprised everyone seems so confused

My worst one ever was trying to take out a 2" galvi union from under a dock on a air pumped up floatie boat being upside down trying to unscrew it while tons of waves from the lake was lifting me up and down a few feet.. However I had know clue which way was which

I understand usually it just takes a few moments to realize your going the wrong way.. Just seeing if there was a trick to it..

Kiril says a finger nail? in the dirt 2-3' down?
I guess there are no tricks..

I was dealing with 2 - 2" brass unions the other day and they were unscrewed opposite from each other.. Meaning when they were installed one was reversed from the other. Breaking loose a 15 year old 2" union is hard enough with out having to go the wrong way and tighten it
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