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Gotta love it.. I love that I can tell someone in the nicest way in this line of business they they are wrong and I am right. Sometimes they don't get it though

Had a lady with a uncommon system that can be ran from a pump from a lake or city water. She's been running her system on city water since may and had us come out to repair a few items.

When we winterize pump systems we always disconnect the pump wire at the controller so the pump won't fry when there isn't water in it.

The lady insisted that the pump was running the entire time when with the city water on.. I told her and showed her the wire disconnected.. Saying unless you came here and connected it up, and then disconnected it by the time I got here.. That pump won't run ( All wiring is sound, nothing is wrong) but she didn't believe me.. She said she could here it! After beating around the bush for 20 minutes I just said I don't have an answer for you to why it was on with it not hooked up.. Crazy lady lol
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